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Backlink Checker, Generator Free Back links. Free Backlinks Builder SEO service Create Free. In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology a backlink is a hyper link that links from a Web page, back to your own Web site. Also called an Inbound Link (IBL)

These links are important in determining the popularity of your Web site.  Bluehost India Some search engines, including Google will consider Web sites with more backlinks more relevant in search results pages. May also be written as two separate words, back link.





“Search Engine Optimization now revolves around link building“.

Inbound Links make your website stand out prominent in the SERPs. In today’s SEO world, more than 95% of the focus is on building quality backlinks.



Backlink checker websites :


OpenLink Profiler :


This is a completely free tool that allows you to check the freshest backlinks. Open Link Profiler is one of the latest tool in list of free backlink checker sites. This tool is best free tool. But not 100% Free.


BackLinkWatch : Free but late updates


BacklinkWatch is one of the most popular & Good tool. For checking the backlinks of website.  



Free Backlink Generator



Backlink Maker – 100% Free SEO Tools

Simply enter your website below and click “Make” to watch the free backlink.

This backlink generator will jump start your quality link building campaign. | Free 2500 BackLinks Generator 


Free Backlinks Generator is a great tool for webmasters and service providers. You can create instant high quality BACKLINKS from info sites. 


Get free high backlinks for free within minute


Generate 100+ high quality backlinks for FREE in less than 1 minute. NO NEED TO SIGN UP ! Free backlinks generator with guaranteed instant backlinks.


Free Backlink Builder – Dofollow Google Backlinks Generator


Free online high PR dofollow backlink builder and backlink generator more than 100 high PR quality sites.


Free Backlinks Generator ~ Backlink Builder Service


Free Backlinks Generator: Best and free online backlink builder service.

Creates 2450+ backlinks to high traffic websites for any site url in minutes!

Free Online Backlink Builder Tool – Backlinks Generator 


Get over 2000 Real Backlinks with SEO Unity’s Backlink Builder/Submitter tool.

Collections of 100 Free SEO Tools.

Easily Get 39000 free Backlink for your website : Crawlist

39000 free backlink for your website Here such kind of free backlink maker, free backlink generator.


Backlink Generator – Build Free Backlinks From Seo Software


This backlink tool builds free 325 backlink from high PR sites with a push of a button.

Best SEO software to get fast Backlinks for your website.

Best Free Website Submitter Tools / Websites Online 



Free Web Submission

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Scrub The Web

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SEO Search Engine – Optimization & Free SEO Tools

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Best Easy and Quality backlinks ( Social Backlinks )


Google+ Profiles

Most Important for google search engine. Create your website’s Google+ Profile, Community, Fan Page. Post your daily updates on Google+ . Reply Instantly on Comments Messages on your Google+ Page. Post Incomplete data but complete facts. Post website’s new updates links on daily basis. Write down 3-5 Lines with your web link every time about link posted by you.  And Get Most Powerful Impact on Google Search engine. 



YouTube also performs main role in back link SEO. Comment your Website links below best or related videos on YouTube. Crate your own best quality videos and post on YouTube with your web link. Share videos about your websites. ” Post Quality Not Quantity ” 



Best Social Platform must try once. Very good website with organised data and  categories. Post your website URL at Right Place and Get Results.



Big and active users community in world. Create your Facebook Business Page. Create Groups post good quality facts and Invite your friends. Give one FB Like & Share link below your website. As much shared SEO also Increased with passage of time.


Website for Social SEO : Digg, Four square, Squidoo,  Yelp, Dotpoch.




How to Check BackLinks Online With Backlink Checker tool ?


The backlink checker tool check  how many backlinks are pointing to the website. Additional information is also being collected including anchor text used, Page Rank of the backlink source, and any potential flags or warnings for each individual link.


Backlinks to your domain or specific web pages are important. The more inbound links you have, the higher your overall Google Page Rank, right? Close, but not quite… Google, and other search engines that matter, reward quality over quantity. At one point, website owners and internet marketers would try to cheat the system by buying a large quantity of backlinks for a really cheap price. Some still do, even though it’s been proven that websites are penalized by Google for doing that. Google prefers natural links. Low quality links may hurt you more than help. In a nutshell, it is better to have 5 quality backlinks than to have 50 low quality backlinks. Read more about Google Quality Guidelines for link buildingThis free backlink checker tool is designed to show you everything you need to know about the quality of your links. Underneath your results (in the bottom left corner) you’ll see exactly how many backlinks exist in total. Only 10 results are shown per page, and you can navigate through each page in the bottom right corner. Each result will show you the link source, or the exact page that contains the link to your web site/page. Clicking each link will open that page in a new tab or window. To the right, you’ll find the Google Page Rank of the web page containing your source backlink. The next column to the right will tell you what anchor text is used to describe your web site or page, if applicable. Finally, the last column notifies you of any red flags; particularly if a link is tagged “no follow”.


Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools




Backlinks , also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.

Inbound links were originally important (before the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today, their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (for example, this is one of the factors considered by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage). Outside of SEO, the backlinks of a webpage may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page.



Why you need backlink checker tools :


When any website links to your site or any page of your site from its website, this is called backlinks. Backlinks used to be one of the most important parameters for high page ranking and better keyword ranking. However with time, Google demoted the priority of backlinks and added more signals to rank a website.

Backlinks are usually categorized in two ways: Dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks.

When we talk about creating backlinks, we usually concentrate on creating dofollow links. Using backlink checker tools, we count how many backlinks we have created for our site. A good number of backlinks helps immensely in improving the page rank and also the Moz rank of our site.

Following are some free online backlink checker tools that will help you to see all the incoming backlinks to your website. You can select any one of these tools based on your requirements. Some of them offer detailed results while others offer only the number of backlinks, but none of them requires registration or sign up that makes the process quick and easy!


With regard to SEO, much has changed in last couple of years, but one thing that remains the same is the backlink.

Formerly, your site would rank higher based on the number of backlinks you’ve gotten, but in 2015 it’s all about how many quality links you have.

Last year, Google’s Penguin algorithm update killed all the private blog networks and devalued the low-quality links. In this tutorial, I will be discussing some of the best online backlink checker websites you can use to check how many backlinks your website has gotten.

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